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Chris Capaci

Chris Capaci


Chris Capaci, the owner of and operator of “Capacity Images”, has had his eyes locked into a viewfinder practically from birth. Frequently visiting big budget movie sets as a child sparked a deep passion and understanding that has not diminished through the years. Studying media arts in high school, and attending The New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Chris has stayed in pursuit of his passion for capturing and documenting the authentic and genuine essence of his subjects his whole life. Now as an adult he has formed his media production company, “Capacity Images”, in order to continue his life’s work. Over the years Chris has been refining his technique, and now his truly unique and candid style of camera work can be see in a multitude of both on and offline media outlets, web pages, blogs, flyers, galleries, and advertising campaigns. A childhood passion mixed with hard work and a dedication to mastering his craft has turned Chris into the photographer and videographer he is today.

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